Website Development

For an online yoga studio with courses and subscription plans
The Goal

The goal was to develop a comprehensive subscription-based website for an online yoga studio, SutraTeam, using the Uscreen platform to simplify the CRM system. The website needed to offer multiple subscription options, recurrent payments, and support for numerous online courses, along with additional features like gift cards, promo codes, and a blog.

Our Approach

We began by thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements and the capabilities of the Uscreen platform. This informed our development strategy and ensured we could meet the client’s needs efficiently.

To achieve the goal, we:

  • Developed a subscription-based website with multiple subscription options and recurrent payment functionality.
  • Designed a user-friendly interface for optimal usability and comfort.
  • Utilized Uscreen to streamline the CRM system while incorporating custom codes for additional functionalities.
  • Ensured the website supported numerous online courses, making it easy for the client to upload new courses and update existing ones.
  • Implemented a gift card system and promo codes to enhance customer engagement and retention.
  • Integrated a blog to provide valuable content and improve SEO.
Comprehensive Subscription Options
We successfully created a website with multiple subscription options and recurrent payment functionality, providing flexibility for users.

Seamless Course Management
The platform supports numerous online courses, allowing the client to easily upload and update content, ensuring a rich and diverse offering for their users.

Enhanced Customer Engagement
The implemented gift card system and promo codes increased customer engagement and loyalty, offering additional value to subscribers.
Key Takeaways

Our development efforts led to the creation of a robust, user-friendly website for SutraTeam, meeting their need for a subscription-based model and supporting extensive online courses. The platform users enjoy the usability and comfort of the design. By leveraging the Uscreen platform and custom coding, we delivered a solution that simplified CRM management and enhanced customer engagement. Your business can achieve similar results with a dedicated and strategic approach to website development.

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