Social Media Marketing & Paid Advertising

For an online yoga studio
The Goal

The goal was to attract subscribers and users to the new online yoga platform, SutraTeam. Our efforts focused on building a strong online presence and engaging potential users through a combination of paid and unpaid social media strategies.

Our Approach

We began by developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan for launching the project. Our team of programmers built and rigorously tested the platform to ensure a smooth user experience.

For social media management, we utilized both paid and unpaid methods to expand the brand's presence across various platforms. We created and shared high-quality, engaging content that highlighted the benefits of joining SutraTeam. Additionally, we ran targeted ads to drive traffic and conversions. Our focus was on attracting new subscribers while fostering engagement and loyalty to encourage participation in our online yoga classes.

Launched from scratch
Successfully launched the project from scratch, building both the platform and socials.

+13,000 Instagram followers
Achieved significant follower growth on social media through mostly unpaid methods, continuously increasing engagement and loyalty.

+150 platform users
Attracted paid platform users quickly, making the platform fully operational, and reached the break-even point within the first month of collaboration.
Key Takeaways

Our strategic marketing and social media efforts led to the successful launch and rapid growth of the SutraTeam platform. By focusing on high-quality content, targeted ads, and community engagement, we built a strong online presence and attracted a significant number of subscribers and platform users. Your business can achieve similar results with a dedicated and strategic approach to marketing and social media management.

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