3D Animated Promotional Video

For a Vancouver board game Kickstarter campaign
The Goal

The goal was to create a 3D animated video for the Kickstarter launch promo of the Vancouver board game, Heroes of Stanley Park. Our focused efforts led to the creation of a compelling and engaging promotional video that played a crucial role in the campaign's success.

Our Approach

We began with thorough research to understand the game's theme, target audience, and unique selling points. This informed our creative direction and ensured that the video would resonate with potential backers.

We developed a comprehensive storyboard and script that highlighted the game's key features and storyline. Our team of talented animators and designers then brought the concept to life, creating a visually stunning 3D animated video. We paid close attention to detail, ensuring that the animation captured the essence of the game and engaged viewers from start to finish.

To maximize the video's impact, we optimized it for various platforms and incorporated a call to action that directed viewers to the Kickstarter page. Additionally, we coordinated with the social media and paid advertising teams to ensure the video was widely shared and promoted across multiple channels.


The promo video is one of the most important parts of the campaign. It provides potential backers with a visual and engaging way to understand the game and its unique features, significantly increasing the likelihood of them supporting the project.

Key Takeaways

Our paid advertising and social media efforts led to significant success for the Heroes of Stanley Park Kickstarter campaign. By focusing on targeted ads, engaging content, and community building, we attracted quality subscribers and ensured rapid funding. Your business can achieve similar results with a dedicated and strategic approach to paid ads and social media.

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